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Bandera de Reino Unido

Ceuta is Spain and so is recognized by the Constitution of 1978, having acceded to the current status of Autonomous City by Organic Law 1/1995.

Historically, its links with the Iberian Peninsula have been greater than those maintained with the surrounding region, not being an obstacle that a country has its territory between two countries, as it is not for the United States nor Turkey.

Diplomacy has endorsed its Spanish situation in many treaties signed from the eighteenth to twentieth century between Spain and Morocco, as well as in the Declaration of Independence signed in 1956 between the two countries.

When in 1960, the UN made his first comments on decolonization; Ceuta was fully vindicated in them and was not included in the list of territories to be decolonized. Similarly, when Spain joined the EU in 1986, Ceuta began to receive significant financial aid. As for defence, joining NATO and the WEU have strengthened their military position.

Texto de D. José Luis Gómez Barceló
Del libro Semblanza Histórica de Ceuta
Ciudad Autónoma de Ceuta
Consejería de Cultura

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